About us

Our Mission

Beacon TV is a family entertainment television Network based in Canada, broadcasting around the world. We deliver the best in value-based content that is inspiring, life-changing and informative programming that the whole family can watch. A beacon of hope and inspiration for a world in need of wholesome family-based content.  

We connect with our target audience in a way no other media outlet is able to; providing motivating and inspiring experiences, unique original programming that is relevant for all ages, and exclusive content that is not available on other programming services. Beacon TV is uniquely positioned to offer Christian and family entertainment through regular broadcast distribution, as well as through the internet and social media platforms. Beacon is available on your smart devices as well as your large screen TV’s. 

Spreading light to the world

Beacon TV currently has over 35,000 subscribers in Canada and 2.35 million subscribers in North America through media broadcast distribution outlets, and a satellite reach of over 480 million people in over 30 countries around the world.