Beacon TV

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Inpiring & Life-Changing

We deliver the best in inspiring, life-changing and informative programming the
whole family can watch.

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Motivating Experiences

Beacon TV is uniquely positioned to offer Christian and family entertainment through regular broadcast distribution, as well as through the internet and social media platforms.

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Entertainment in a New Light

When you watch Beacon, you’re sure to be inspired by prolific speakers, powerful music, and family-friendly programming.

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Entertainment in a whole new light

Faith and Family

Beacon TV is a broadcast service licensed by the CRTC in Canada that offers programming content that is entertaining, original, inspirational, and suitable for the whole family.



Victory Life Church

Gospel Time Square

Miracle Moments

Amazing Facts

Experiencing Jesus 


Bible Discovery

Our Jewish Roots


Saturdays @ 1pm

Sat mornings

Sundays @ 2pm

Sundays @ 2:30pm

Sundays @ 4:30pm

Sundays @ 1:30pm

Mon-Fri @ 3pm

Wednesdays @ 11pm


Looking for airtime?

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