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Experience what God can do through you; weekly messages of inspiration.

Coming to you from the heart of Canada in Winnipeg, Manitoba, “Experiencing Jesus” is a Bible based inspiration program that offers you hope today

From the Traditional Lands of the Ojibways, Pastor Roma Fisher shares the Spirit of Faith through messages of truth, hope and healing. Build your faith with practical teaching from God’s Word. You’ll be inspired to grow spiritually. Catch the spirit of faith on Spirit Alive. 

Dr. Mark Chironna will help you gain prophetic discernment into the human condition towards wholeness and well-being, as you go deeper into God’s Word and love.  

A television program, hosted by Bill Santos, which presents biblical answers to some of life’s most puzzling questions.  

A new generation is rising at Lakewood Church. With Pastor Joel Osteen as their leader, Lakewood is the largest and fastest growing congregation in America with over 25,000 attending each weekend. Experience an inspiring and powerful message, along with uplifting music and worship every single week.  

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Grasp the gospel of Jesus Christ like never before in an engaging show that demonstrates and teaches biblical truths and expresses God’s love for his people.  

American Televangelist, Founder and Senior Pastor of Living Word Christian Centre, Bill Winston, bases his teachings on a faith-driven and result-oriented way of life. His ministry seeks to help believers confront life not only through their natural abilities but operating by faith and living with the consciousness of God’s presence in our lives.